Visit With Santa Frequently Asked Questions

What is Visit With Santa and how does it work?

Visit With Santa invites the whole family to enjoy a wholesome, uplifting, heart-to-heart Virtual Video Visit with Santa Claus from the comfort and safety of your own home. Creating an experience for all that will last forever through an engaging live Video-Visit and a downloadable Keepsake Video to share and revisit again and again. Just schedule your visit at a time that works for you and on the day of the visit click on the link in your reminder email and Santa will bring the magic! Not only can you tell him what you want for Christmas, but you can ask him all the questions you have about Christmas!!!

How do I schedule my Visit With Santa?

Just three easy steps to book your Visit With Santa:

Step 1 ~ Select a time slot that works for you (make sure to choose your correct timezone)

Step 2 ~ Check out & save your details to receive your visit reminder

Step 3 ~ Personalize your visit - fill out the questionnaire with fun facts Santa can reference to surprise your children and delight your family

That’s it! Book early to avoid the rush - Santa’s calendar opens November 1st. When it is time for your Video-Visit the elves will send you a reminder to click on your Personal Santa Key link and experience the magic of your Visit With Santa. Seeing truly is believing!

When can I book my Visit With Santa?

Santa’s holiday calendar opens for booking on November 1st each year. We encourage you to schedule your Visit With Santa early - pre-sales are heavy and peak time slots on weekends and closer to Christmas will fill up fast.

What happens the day of my Visit With Santa?

On the day of your Video-Visit, you will receive a reminder email of your visit. Simply click the link provided to join a few minutes early. Santa will meet you there at the scheduled time.

How do I make the most of my family’s Visit With Santa?

Make sure to check out our Ideas For Your Visit page to get some fabulous ideas on ways to make the occasion even more special!

When will I receive my free Keepsake Video?

Approximately a week after your Visit With Santa, you can login to your Visit With Santa account to download your personal Keepsake Video to share with your family and friends. You will also receive an email when your Keepsake Video is available to download.

How do I personalize my Visit With Santa?

During your booking process you will be invited to tell Santa what you want him to know about your family. Other than the basic information needed to conduct the visit, what you provide is up to you, but we have a number of suggestions that we find make the visit even more magical.

  • Santa can applaud your child’s good behaviour and encourage new habits they are trying to build.
  • Tell Santa about favorite gifts last Christmas and special occasions your kids are excited about.
  • Share the names of your pets and your house elf, whatever will make the chat even more magical and memorable for your child.

Santa will surprise and delight your children in a personal and thoughtful way with your fun facts.

What equipment do I need?

A computer or tablet is recommended, for your Visit With Santa. A video-capable smartphone will also work on a High-speed internet connection.

We recommend that you test your internet speed. You will need at least .65Mbps. Better than 1Mbps is recommended. If your video works on other video-conferencing platforms, it should work with Visit With Santa too.

Note: Apple devices utilizing iOS MUST use the Safari browser to work correctly, all other systems may use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Windows, Mac OS, Android)

Do I need a special camera?

A special camera is not needed to Visit With Santa. The camera on your computer, tablet or mobile camera will work just fine. That said, generally the better the camera on your device, the better your video will be. So, if you do have a good web camera that is the best option. A mobile phone will work in a pinch too, but is not the ideal option.

Is Visit With Santa the same as a Zoom call?

Not exactly… Visit With Santa is an enchanting experience that delivers the warmth and spirit of Christmas to your home. Families enjoy a heart-to-heart discussion with Santa Claus in real-time, on a secure, private, and custom-built video platform. We have designed the Video-Visits to be a delightful occasion that your children will talk about for years to come.

Is Visit With Santa safe?

Absolutely! Parents participate in the family visit, making the children more comfortable meeting Santa Claus. Parents choose what information to share with Santa to enable a more personal visit. Our private, proprietary platform limits connectivity to the scheduled time slot of the Video-Visit. Our parent company ensures that your information is appropriately secured in compliance with applicable regulations.

How many kids can participate in a Video-Visit?

We recommend that you read the descriptions for each of the Visit With Santa options to select the experience that best matches the number of children who will be participating in the Video-Visit.

How long are the Video-Visits?

The duration of your visit depends on which option you select for your visit. We recommend you join at least 5-minutes early to ensure your system is ready to go - test your sound and video so there is no last minute rush.

Is Visit With Santa a great experience for children of all ability levels?

Definitely! Santa loves every child, young and wise, and he cherishes their differences and diverse needs and abilities. Help your child prepare for their Visit With Santa by helping them plan what they want to share and talk about with Santa.

Does Visit With Santa support Youth And Family Organizations with fundraising?

We sure do! Visit With Santa enjoys partnering with youth programs and community organizations in raising money to do great work for children and families. Check out our Fundraising Page for more details.

How do I prepare for the Video-Visit?

  1. Test your Internet Connection.

    This is important to do before your Visit day! Go to Google “Internet Speed Test” and “Run Speed Test.” You will need at least .65Mbps and better than 1Mbps is recommended. If your video works on other video-conferencing platforms it should work with Visit With Santa too.

  2. Set your device up on a flat and secure surface.

    A computer or tablet is best, but a smartphone works if you can hold it steady

  3. Test your lighting ahead of time.

    Natural light, not direct sunlight, works great if your visit is scheduled during daylight hours. If not, find a room without distractions (ie: avoid turning the TV on) that has white LED lights. Make sure you are in a well-lit area that is not backlit.

  4. Show Up Early.

    You know how it is when everyone is rushing around and hectic and how stressful that is for the family?! Make it an enjoyable experience for your entire family by showing up early so everyone is relaxed & ready to enjoy every second of their magical Visit with Santa!

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.